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Above you will find a some links to some Sample's for new world target
Carl Boswell from the UK and Doug Weeter from the US spent a few months coming up with this design.
We had Two Goals when we started -
Printing - To be able to Print this Target in most an city in the World without having to order a special size paper.
Thus almost any good print shop should be able to print this using A-3 or 11" x 17" card stock

Scoring Ring Size - 1/4 Inch Ten Ring with 1/8 Inch spacing. This is modeled after the IR50/50 metrics.              

Target Confusion:
There seems to be a lot of confusion on what I have been trying to accomplish with the targets Carl & I designed. Since the start of the World Postal and other World events there has always been a concern that none of the results can be compared if everyone shoots to a different size Scoring metric. The size of the paper and placement of sighters is individual preference and in the long run they do not matter as long as the Rings and “X” size are the same & use the same scoring. (Best Edge versus Worst Edge) IR50/50, RBA-AUS, ARA & PSL are all based on a 1/8 inch (3.175mm) ring spacing. The UKBR Target was larger and this bothered a lot of shooters who were shooting the 1/4 inch Ten Ring (1/8” Spacing).
My thoughts over the last 3 years has been since a lot of Europe & Africa shoot the UKBR target if the UKBR changed to a new standard then there was a good chance that a lot of other countries would follow. So last year I asked UKBR if they would consider changing their Target to a ” standard and they said that sounded like a good Idea. When we started working on various designs we had two goals.
First – Make the Target fit on standard paper sizes. A-3 or 11” x 17”.
Second – Add more Sighters to the existing UKBR target.

After months of trying different designs we cane up with one that met our two Goals.
A World 11” x 17” size and  a UKBR version that will fit on A-3 paper. Both of these targets have the same size “Scoring Areas” the only difference is the Text & Sighter placement.
We choose the A-3 & 11” x 17” paper because one or the other was readily available all over the world and would be easy to print at the local level. The only limitation of these size paper was that Sighters could be only placed on two sides. After talking to a lot of shooters the general consensus of opinion was that the ease of printing was more advantageous then more rows of sighters.
One last thing – I have received a few emails that say shooting a target with sighters on three sides (Like RBA-AUS) gives them an advantage. IMO that has no basis and if they feel that strong about it shoot the US RBA target with sighters on 4 sides!